TXOGA GOTV for Wayne Christian

Vote Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner

Early Voting: Oct. 24 - Nov. 4  •  Election Day: Nov. 8


Read the recent email blast

Dear TXOGA Friend, 

Early voting for the November 8th General Election is underway, and we need your help. This election will have a huge impact on Texas oil and natural gas, so please remember to vote early and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

Early voting runs from Monday, October 24th – Friday, November 4th. The Texas Oil & Gas Association Good Government Committee (TXOGA PAC) has endorsed several candidates in the General Election including Republican Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commissioner. To learn more about these candidates, click here: https://www.txoga.org/txoga-pac-announces-endorsements-2016-general-election/.

As you know, we need strong leaders who will make decisions for our industry based on sound science and good judgment.

With a contentious race for President, some experts have predicted low turnout in this election. We cannot let that happen. There is too much on the line. So please get out and vote for all of our endorsed candidates including Republican Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commission.

Thanks for your support. To help us Get Out The Vote, please share the image below by forwarding this email to your friends and right-clicking and saving the image to share it on social media.