Texas Oil and Gas Association GGC Endorses Christian

Today, the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) Good Government Committee endorsed Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commission.

“Texas consistently leads the nation in jobs and producing reliable and affordable American energy," said TXOGA President and PAC Treasurer Todd Staples. "Wayne Christian understands the importance of transparency in government and common-sense based regulations."

"This endorsement represents our support for sound policy and the desire to see Texas continue to lead the nation in energy production," continued Staples. "We will be working closely with our members to get out the vote in these important elections.”

"I am honored to have the endorsement of the Texas Oil and Gas Association Good Government Committee," said Christian. "I look forward to working closely with them to provide consistent and predictable regulations and leadership for the industry to ensure Texas continues to lead the nation in production."

Last week, Railroad Commission Chairman David Porter made a financial contribution to Christian's campaign. 

TXOGA Good Government Committee joins a broad coalition of conservative grassroots and business organizations and leaders in endorsing Christian's campaign. His other endorsements include:

  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Texas Right to Life PAC
  • Young Conservatives of Texas 
  • Texas Values Action
  • Concerned Women for America LAC
  • DFW Conservative Voters
  • Texas Patriots PAC
  • Grassroots America - We the People
  • NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • Clearlake Tea Party
  • Bexar Co. Christian Coalition
  • Pro-Life Texas
  • Texas Conservative Digest
  • Brian Babin - U.S. Congressman
  • Konni Burton - State Senator 
  • Dr. Donna Campbell - State Senator
  • Charles Perry - State Senator
  • Dustin Burrows - State Representative
  • Jason Isaac - State Representative
  • Phil King - State Representative
  • Matt Rinaldi - State Representative
  • James White - State Representative
  • Bill Zedler - State Representative
  • Victor Carillo - Former Railroad Commissioner
  • David Barton - President, Wallbuilders
  • Kelly Shackelford - President, Liberty Institute 
  • Cathie Adams - Former Texas GOP Chair
  • JoAnn Fleming - Grassroots America - WTP
  • Julie McCarty - President, NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • Jim and Robin Lennon - President, Kingwood Tea Party
  • Robert Pratt - Conservative Radio Host
  • John Greytok - Former Candidate for Texas Railroad Commission
  • Milton Rister - Former ED of Railroad Commission and Texas GOP
  • Steve Toth - Former State Representative 
  • David Wilson - Director, Cypress Texas Tea Party
  • Michael Kinzie - Founder, TEAParty911
  • Maggie Wright - Conservative Activist