Fellow Texans,

I have had the honor of serving our state for over a decade, fighting for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a strong state economy in the Texas Legislature.

What former Governor Rick Perry called "The Texas Miracle" would not have been possible without a strong energy sector, anchored by oil and natural gas production. God has blessed Texas unlike anywhere else and has given us abundant natural resources that provided in 2012 alone over $12.1 billion in tax revenue to fund our state’s pressing obligations from education to infrastructure.

The Railroad Commission of Texas regulates the oil and gas industry in our state.  Because of its confusing name, many Texas voters overlook the importance of the agency and don’t give the position much thought at the ballot box. We need to change that this election.

I humbly ask for your support during the runoff on May 24.  Together we can ensure Texas remains the engine of our national economy.

For Texas,